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Nationwide Insurance

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Nationwide Insurance is (or was) a licensed Pennsylvania insurance agent by the state of PA and can take the time to learn about your needs, and help advise individuals, families and businesses to find the best coverages and companies to protect themselves, their property and potential legal costs and liabilities.

Nationwide Insurance
Direct Writers are Pennsylvania insurance companies that sell directly to consumers – think GEICO, Progressive etc… These companies “cut out the middleman” by selling direct to you, instead of through a licensed and career agent like Nationwide Insurance in Blue Bell. A lot of people seem to think buying insurance direct will save them money, but often times – this perception is not reality.

For instance – GEICO spent over $993,000,000 on advertising in 2011 and Progressive spent over $536,000,000 that same year… Who do you think is paying for those slick commercials starring Flo and the Gecko? (hint: it’s policy holders by being charged higher premiums).

Pennsylvania Independent Agents represent two or more companies which allows you to get multiple quotes from one agency. If you decide to call PA Independent Agents for quotes, ask them how many companies they work with and be sure they are not recommending a company just because they are paying him or her higher commissions.

Pennsylvania Exclusive Agents can only offer you coverage from the company they represent (like Nationwide, Allstate, State Farm etc…). Sometimes insurance policies cost less through PA Exclusive Agents because the companies don’t have to compete with other insurers and don’t give financial incentives to the agent to sell their policies. Often times Exclusive Agents earn lower compensation than Independent Agents and the lower commissions will often represent notable savings to the consumer in the form of lower premiums.

In some cases buying insurance in Pennsylvania without a local agent such as Nationwide Insurance, can actually be a risky undertaking. After all, insurance can be a complicated topic. It’s Nationwide Insurance‘s responsibility to know about the policy specifics and fine print, and to communicate them to you clearly and directly so you can make an informed decision.

Most of the time a typical insurance consumer will reap the benefits from an experienced and knowledgeable local agent like Nationwide Insurance in Blue Bell, who can help educate them on complicated policy contracts – written by lawyers and full of industry jargon and tons of legal ease.

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Insurance PA
Pennsylvania Insurance Agents make their living by helping PA insurance consumers to make the best coverage choices for their lifestyles. When you buy insurance direct – you do not have licensed and local Pennsylvania Insurance Agents working on your behalf.

You might be speaking with someone in a different state or across the country who doesn’t live in your community and knows nothing about you, your family or where you live. You have to take the responsibility for the possible consequences of your decisions about coverage limits, deductibles etc… and for any errors you could perhaps make (like underinsuring your car and then getting into an accident – then finding out you have to pay thousands out of pocket, etc…).

If you are considering using Nationwide Insurance for your insurance agency, you may want to consider these pointers:

  • Personality – Speak with your prospective PA agency. Make clear your circumstances and request a free quote. This is an opportunity for you to if you’re comfortable with them.
  • Licensing – Make sure Nationwide Insurance and the insurance company are actually licensed in Pennsylvania.
  • Complaints – When your are investigating agencies, you can check the Pennsylvania Insurance Department’s website to see if they’ve had any complaints filed against them. You can also check the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and other online rating sites.
  • References – When you are applying for a job you are asked to give references – so don’t be afraid to the agent for the same courtesy. Ask the references to talk about their experience concerning price and service. Particularly, discuss what service they have received if they ever filed a claim.
  • Proximity – Does it matter if you are close to the agents office? If you experience an accident or loss, your new best friend could be your local agent. Do you think it would be important for you to be in close proximity of your insurance agents office – if you needed to see a real person to help or assist with your claim? How close is it from your home or work to their office? What are their office hours?

Keep these tips in mind when you need insurance in PA and are looking to work with Nationwide Insurance.

Nationwide Insurance
232 Market St Apt 1
Blue Bell, PA 17074-1537

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